Re-imagining a Legend

Commonly known as just a "patty," this snack is anything but mundane, transcending generations and crossing oceans and continents to where we are today. This legendary & traditional Jamaican delicacy is a hit at street-side stands and at fancy cocktail parties.

BASHY (meaning "hot" in patois) is a re-definition and tribute to the classic done with heart, soul, and a contemporary twist.


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We've got the perfect balance of flakey pastry, proportionate filling and extraordinary flavours in every single patty. Each is handmade with the best ingredients.


Classic OG

We pay tribute to the most time-honoured and classic flavour options.



Inclusive, fun, and just down right HOT! With an array of natural, colorful crusts and dynamic fillings, these ain't your run of the mill patties.

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