About Bashy

Commonly known as just a "patty," this snack is anything but mundane, transcending generations across oceans and continents.

This legendary traditional Jamaican delicacy is a hit at street side stands and fancy cocktail parties. BASHY is a redefinition and tribute to a classic done with heart and soul, the modern way.

We're combining a traditional island feel with modernity, soft sensory touches and a slight mystique. We believe our mark transcends the simplicity of flavour and into all human senses.


"BASHY" is defined as a Patois slang expression for someone who is extremely
good looking.

In situation:
Patois "mi fi bashy"
English "I feel hot"

What we're saying is that we're hot as hell. More importantly, we understand that sharing our hotness with others is what's most important to us. Come get 'Bashy" with us.

Classic, OG Flavours

The perfect balance of flaky pastry, proportionate filling and extraordinary flavours in every single patty. Each handmade with the best ingredients. We start with paying tribute to the most time-honoured and classic flavour options.
Spicy beef, jerk chicken, curry & kale chickpea.

New-ish Remixes

Inclusive, fun, modern and just down right hot. Our expanded line includes an array of natural, colorful crusts and dynamic fillings from Jackfruit, General Tsao Chicken and Vegan Beef & Broccoli. These ain't your run of the mill patties.

We recognize that the "Bashy Experience" is more than just eating our patties. We will keep all our fans constantly informed with the latest of our developments ranging from live events and flavour drops to exciting exclusives like limited capsule launches. We can guarantee we'll have some pretty cool surprises along the way. Let's get Bashy famous together 🥂